Timeless Classic Meets Trendy Fad

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey was quickly becoming a mainstream phenomenon. She was single handedly creating a market for female MMA fighters by destroying her opponents with ease, and looking pretty good while doing so.

Until Saturday night that is.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? In this case, it was what happens when someone with a Judo background meets someone with a boxing background.

MMA is immensely popular today. MMA events sell out huge stadiums around the world and make a fortune on pay-per-view. It is the “It” sport of the moment. Trendy as could be. It seems to have passed boxing by as the fighting game of the 21st century.

Boxing is and has been a disaster for a long time. Charismatic champions have been replaced by loathsome ones, like Floyd Mayweather. Hustlers like Don King and others have given the sport a black eye. It has been a long time since there was a compelling fighter that demanded mainstream attention. It hasn’t always been like this. As someone who grew up watching Marvin Hagler fight Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard, I remember when boxing was the King! (despite Don King)

Boxing is called the Sweet Science for a reason,

Depending on the viewer, boxing can be seen as a violent, barbaric sport or a beautiful and artistic display of athleticism. Many spectators are unable to see past boxing’s physical and aggressive nature, and they close their eyes to the boxers’ incredible abilities.

An onlooker with an in-depth understanding of the sport, however, appreciates the sheer display of expertise displayed by two talented fighters. Indeed, boxing is violent, but it’s also a skillful craft that involves strategy and forethought – much like a chess match. This guide focuses on the phrase “Sweet Science” as it pertains to the sport of boxing.

I think what happened Saturday night was that a trendy fad met a timeless classic. The trendy approach of the new kid got taken to the woodshed by a competitor who stayed true to the ancient rules of the sweet science.

The security business has never been so hot or trendy as it is right this moment. Venture capitalists are throwing money at any PowerPoint deck that says “APT” on it. Automated threat detection, machine learning, as I mentioned last week, just seem too good to be true. I think there’s something to be said for good old fashioned things like visibility, workflow and process.

Did you fall asleep?

I know they’re not exciting, but they’re probably more valuable to a customer than some new bell and whistle. What if security solutions enabled rather than crippled users? Enable and empower users to make better decisions, quicker. Let’s face it. Our world is too complex for easy fixes or magic bullets. Sometimes the tried and true approach is just that.

Just ask Ronda Rousey.

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Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Unicorns everywhere you look

It seems as though the desire for magic cures and easy solutions has been with us going back, well, almost forever. Via The Logical Place, “The following picture is of a cast showing a physician examining a patient while Asklepios stands nearby holding the symbol of medicine, a snake coiled round a staff.” Snake oil, […]

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Engaging Security

I am a big believer in empirical evidence and I’d like to share a recent hunting experience I had on an engineering shadow system (a system deployed at a customer site, but used for engineering field test).  In my recent blog post, ‘Investigation at the speed of thought,’ I talked a little bit about ‘hunting’ for […]

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Women have “Gut”

In recent news, I have been especially pleased to see a breakthrough in the focus on women in cybersecurity. I have read much about how to increase the tenacity and confidence in young women at an early age so that they will excel academically in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) roles. While this is […]

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Trick or T(h)reat

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Comfortably Numb

Last week it was revealed that an email account belonging to the Director of the CIA was hacked by teenager. Those emails were then published by Wikileaks. What was most stunning about this news wasn’t that a top ranking government official was careless with classified material, or that they forwarded classified material to a private […]

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Robots, lock picking and #infosec

Five years from now, will large-scale breaches and the increasing threat of cyber terrorism still be occupying the headlines and mindshare of CISO’s and threat analysts or will it be some new type of threat or group? I’m going to wager that, in 2020, the biggest problem plaguing information security is unrelated to any of […]

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ICYMI: Arbor’s Roland Dobbins NANOG presentation on the DD4BC extortion campaign

In this presentation, originally given at NANOG65, Arbor’s Roland Dobbins discusses details of the ongoing DDoS for Bitcoins (DD4BC) DDoS extortion campaign, which has targeted multiple organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The attack methodologies, evolution of the attack campaign, and discussion of the nature of the attacker(s) is covered, along with […]

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Everything’s connected

We hear a lot lately about the Internet of Things (IoT) but what does that really mean? Simply put, we are well beyond connecting people with the Internet and now we are connecting things. And, we’re not just connecting people to things but also connecting things to other things. This latest trend is often referred […]

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